Avoid Last Minute Submission Surprises

Eleventh-hour network crashes and technical difficulties are not urban-myths or “rights of passage” when submitting college applications, and can be avoided with a little upfront planning. Knowing not only the deadlines, but where to go for last-minute questions or trouble-shooting (Common App) can help reduce stress and minimize last-minute submission glitches. 

While submitting applications early is one strategy for seniors, this approach may require some thought when facing limited time from the dueling deadlines of preparing for finals and applications, Reshifting application work to after finals may be part of a necessary strategy of reprioritizing and reallocating time. Once finals are finished, combining the end-of-semester focus with a little breathing room can fuel what's needed to complete applications and translate to having a true winter break.

As you finalize your applications for submission, create your own personal checklist of what needs to get done and consider incorporating these tips to help you stay organized:

Make a checklist including:

  • What you need to get done.

  • When you want to have it done

  • When it has to be done (including putting deadlines and task dates on your calendar).

  • Review and prioritize your checklist so you work on tasks efficiently and avoid duplicating effort.

Make sure to include in your checklist:

  • Finish, fine-tune, and proof all essays - especially the ones you've read multiple times.

  • Send test scores (not all schools allow self-reporting).

  • Proof EVERYTHING again before you hit the submit button.

Click here to get more tips and download the college.u Application Checklist.

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