Tackling the Hype of College Essays

The dread of writing college essays seems to loom large thinking about college applications - but does it have to? Or is it just an urban myth that needs to be squashed? A few steps like finding a space where you can focus, and creating a block of time so you can sit and write, could be some of the things that will help you get your fingers on the keyboard. You may have some essays you wrote in your English class - should you use them? Do they tell your story, are they a good first draft, or do you need to take some more time to assess and evaluate what you want to write? While a lot of attention is placed on writing college essays, sometimes the hype surrounding them is far greater than simply getting your story on the page. Who knows you better than you? A little proactive planning and brainstorming may be the best investment in "you," and may lead to the story that you've wanted to write all along. What else will you need to think about when writing your college essays?  Here are a few of my tips to get you started.

Your Essays. Your Voice. Your Words.

12 Tips to Writing College Essays

While every student will have their own style to writing their college essays having a few resources that can provide a framework to guide them can make a huge difference for a successful process and help keep the stress down.

Looking for resources beyond the MLA Formatting and Style Guide and Strunk and White's The Elements of Style? Here are a few of my favorites with lots of “how-to” advice for students, families, and college counselors.

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