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For most of us, five areas of spending will consume over 50% of the money we earn during our lifetime, ....The five areas are: Home, car, children, education and retirement". Manisha Thakor, Forbes Magazine
Having college resources to help your child discover what they need to know as they develop their college plan is critical to making good decisions about their college education. Investing in the college search is as important as your investment in your child's college education.
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Online and Virtual Resources
Visiting colleges is not always possible. Using online tools and virtual tours that can be found on many college websites will help your college detective work continue without delay. 
Virtual College Fair
Strive Virtual College Exploration Week

College Week Live


Consider signing up for college Social Media accounts for news and inside views of what's happening on campuses. 

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Become a Virtual Sleuth 


Detective, researcher, and explorer are some of the hats you may wear during your college journey. Having a delay in college visits doesn’t mean your college research shuts down. Colleges are shifting how they can connect with prospective and admitted students. So, what can you do to continue your college journey while social distancing? Check to see if colleges you are interested in or accepted to are offering Virtual Tours and/or Virtual Information Sessions, or are on YouTube. If you’re going to start binge-watching Youtube, make sure to include a virtual college visit or two. Schools like Case Western and others have begun creating virtual information sessions and tours that you can sign-up for and can attend in the comfort of your home.

Recommended Reads

“Read.” It is my favorite word (other than “accepted.”)[1] Being “well-read” provides an essential foundation for comprehension, critical thought, and communication. The amount of parenting and college admission books intended to help students and parents navigate the college journey may seem endless. Here, I share my favorites and must-have books. Look for seasonal “Recommended Reads” throughout the year and occasionally in newsletters.

[1] Read Patrick Sullivan, English Professor’s “An Open Letter to High School Students about Reading”posted on Stanford University’s Tomorrow’s Professor Posting page

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