Essay Inspiration

The key to the essay is your authentic voice and interests.  While it may take time to craft your Personal Statement, the time you put into thinking, drafting, and polishing are well worth the remarkable result. I love essay work - from brainstorming with students to the final tweaks to make an essay sing.

M.N. -Parent-

Incredible. That's the word we used around our house to explain the work Dane did with our son. He is a smart student however his English & Writing skills needed some finessing. Dane was able to lead & encourage him along with ideas for his college essays that reflected his personality, strengths and unique hobbies while keeping his "voice" throughout the process. Too often you hear of or read essays from students that definitely sound as if the writer isn't the student reflected in the application - thus sending up a red flag. Without her invaluable help we seriously doubt he would have survived the Essay part of the college application, and we as parents would have felt the pain.

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