The Top 4 "Must Reads" When Starting the College Journey

When I first launched college.u, Frank Bruni's book "Where You Go Is Not Who You'll Be" was the “must read” about college admissions. Its weight went beyond being a New York Times “Book of the Month.” It was a well-written ode that had the potential of re-shifting expectations and bringing peace of mind to both parents and students regarding the college application and admission process, which has become an increasingly challenging journey for high school students launching into adulthood. Even with Bruni's book laying a path for a broader way to think about the college experience, the college landscape still can be tumultuous for the unprepared. The good news is that since the release of Bruni's book, there now are many books and other resources from thoughtful and optimistic professionals on both sides of the admissions table, championing students and families with the hope for a better college journey experience. 

While these book recommendations are just a few of my favorites and don’t fall into the “how-to” category for navigating the college search, they do provide a framework that can inspire a positive, reflective, and informed college journey that will help align aspirations and dreams with realistic goals.

Read an excerpt published in the New York Times "Where You Go Is Not Who You'll Be"

For the complete list of recommendations and resources visit college.u college resources

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