Anchoring Optimism in this College Admissions Season

Frank Bruni tweets, “‘tis time when many HS seniors hear from colleges, stay calm, keep perspective, & maybe rereading this will help.” Although his New York Times article, “How to Survive the College Admissions Madness” came out in 2015, in this season of college notifications it bears reading again. The article offers anchored optimism for students and a reminder that success is within their control. Bruni's book, "Where You Go Is Not Who You'll Be" is still a must-read book for high school students and parents who are just beginning to become acquainted with what “going to college” entails. It is a well-written ode to parents and kids that has the potential to re-shift expectations and bring peace of mind during what has become one of the most challenging journeys kids and their families may make as they launch into adulthood.

And finally, Christine Koubek's Washington Post article, "Tired of people asking where you’re going to college? Here’s what to say"​ is worth repeating as it offers grounded advice and tips. The critical message of “Learning how to politely sidestep these questions from well-meaning others is a skill they will be able to use again and again,” reminds seniors and parents that they do have choices on what information they want to share and how they want to share it.​

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