Are You On the Path to College?

In his article, Plan Ahead To Be College Eligible, Forbes contributor Willard Dix captures the importance of thinking about what is foundational for attending college when evaluating which high school courses to take. He writes:

“Many students planning for college look at a school's "minimum requirements" for admission and think all they have to do is fulfill them to be admissible. Technically, that's true, but only technically. In reality, simply meeting those minimums only gets you to the gate, not even close to the finish line. Even if you're considering attending your state institution, it's a mistake to assume you can slip in by completing the bare minimums for admission.”

Pursuing interests and goals by choosing classes or extracurricular activities that you love can lead to rich opportunities. To formulate a balanced, future-oriented schedule, a student should strive to both pursue their interests but also branch out of their comfort zone.

These are some crucial questions to ask when formulating a schedule:

· What classes should you take if you struggle with a specific subject?

· Why four years of math makes a difference?

· Will you need to take three years of a foreign language?

· Should you double up in a subject area?

To further explore how small choices in high school have larger implications, these questions should also be included as part of your college search:

· When do you need to start thinking about the college search and application process?

· How does the college search and application timeline fit into your schedule?

· When is the best time to start test prep?

· What are the shifting nuances (waitlists and acceptance rates) in college admissions for different colleges?

It helps to have a roadmap. Knowing what to expect and what you have to accomplish makes planning your academic future a more manageable, comfortable, and rewarding experience.

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