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pie, pivoting, pass on the college talk -surviving the holidays.

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As the holidays are at our doorstep, seniors who are caught between finals and finishing up college applications might be able to catch their breath. But what will they say when Aunt Gertrude corners them, between her polite requests to pass the stuffing, with "Have you gotten accepted yet?" and "What will you major in?" Christine Koubek's Washington Post article, "Tired of people asking where you're going to college? Here's what to say." gives some guidance as families bundle off to Grandma's house (or not), break bread, and give thanks.

Learn to pivot conversations– Think about what you want to say and what you don't want to say before family gatherings. The moment to share good news will come sooner than everyone realizes, so it's o.k. not to have every conversation be about college.

1. Ask Aunt Gertrude a question. Your college process may be reminding her of her days in college. Let her share the good stuff.

Where did you go to college? What did you like about it?

2. Change the subject. Talk about pie, the best way to cook a turkey, or which football team you think may win.

3. Rally the troops. While you are more than capable of shifting a conversation, engage your best allies – your parents. Ask them to be ready to help deflect questions.

Navigating the convergence of holiday gatherings and college application season with a little pre-meal planning can be as easy as – well, pie.

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