Preparing for College Decisions

Celebration, relief, re-grouping, and resilience may all come into play for seniors and families as admissions decisions are released. Knowing what to expect can help you respond to the decisions you receive, plan the next steps if necessary, and embrace news in a way that honors your unique educational journey. EA and ED decisions are right around the corner for some seniors. Other seniors are finishing up their final applications and supplemental essays (keep going!). In either scenario, here are some tips that are empowering, offer practical guidance on how to prepare for the next phase, and remind students that their path to college doesn’t only point to one school.

Deferred? We Have Some Advice For You.

Turning a Loss into a Big Win

College Admission Decisions And Sympathetic Joy

When Getting Deferred from College is a Gift

Admission Anxiety- And Ten Steps to Reduce It, Tulane Blog

A Dean’s Advice to Seniors: Don’t Slack Off

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