College Tours. It's all in those squirrelly details.

video from Beloit College

Touring colleges this spring or summer?

If your tour guide doesn’t tell you - make sure to ask about squirrels on campus.

Getting down to the details of what makes each college different is part of

finding your match. (You might be surprised how many colleges love their squirrels).

Check out The Colleges Most Obsessed With Squirrels by Tyler Kingkade or the Squirrel Club at the University of Michigan to get a better understanding of colleges and their squirrels.

Squirrels are just one example of how nuanced the differences between schools can be. Yes, colleges may all have squirrels or intramural athletics, core curriculums or study abroad programs, but having your own set of questions will help you figure out which schools have programs that will support your needs and aspirations.

How do you get the most from college tours? A well-thought-out itinerary and some pre-planning will help you maximize your time on each campus. Discovering what each school offers from mission and philosophy, campus culture, activities, and even housing will help to shape your college list so that it further aligns with your strengths and goals. For practical advice and tips here are a few quick reads and resources to help you prepare for your college visits.

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