2019 Winter Reading List... and Other Good Stories

It's time to shift gears from required reading to desired reading, or at least get ready to. Whether you're a bookworm or beach reader, these "best of 2019" book lists offer stacks of reading options this season. Considering expanding your reading palate for 2020? Add joining a book group like Doin It In the Nook, signing up for the Book of the Month Club, or embrace your joy of words in 2020 with Benjamin Dreyer's "STET! Dreyer's English: A Game for Language Lovers, Grammar Geeks, and Bibliophiles" (release date July 2020). Whatever reading genre you gravitate towards (calling all Avengers fans), or ways you like to consume your words, there's a book for everyone. Happy Reading!

For Bookworms That Can't Wait

Book Lists To Eat Up

Lists to find the books you won't be able to put down

Not-So-Secret Favorites

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, Samin Nosrat (Author), Wendy MacNaughton (Illustrator)

Dreyer's English, Benjamin Dreyer

Tell Me More, Kelly Corrigan

The West Anderson Collection, Matt Zoller Seitz (Author), Michael Chabon (Introduction)

Still in the college sleuthing mode? Look no further:

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