Match College Programs to Your College Goals

Determining the educational environment where you can experience success is one of the key factors in researching and assessing colleges. Sometimes students and families think that a mid-size college may offer the best compromise between a small private college and a large public university. Before you rule out any school, look at how large public universities offer programs like Learning-Living communities or Honors Programs to make a large school more intimate. Explore smaller private colleges to find out if they partner with other schools to allow students to cross-enroll in classes, study abroad, or even have dual degree programs. Diving into the college curriculum when beginning your college journey is where you will find the details that point you towards schools that have just what you want.

Not sure where to begin? Try investigating Boston University, College of Charleston, George Washington University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Julliard, and UC Berkeley to see the range of possibilities and examples of schools that might fit your goals.

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