Prepping for the Financial Aid Tango

Even though it may feel like learning the lingo of "College Financial Aid" is like taking a quiz, it's not. The success of any new endeavor does require understanding facts and sometimes a new language - in this case, financial aid for college. Knowing where to find answers to your questions will help unravel the mystery of college costs. Answering these questions will help you get started. Be sure to create your own list of questions to address your financial needs for attending college.

  • Will I qualify for financial aid – either need-based or merit aid?

  • What is the difference between need-based and merit aid?

  • Can merit aid bring the cost to attend closer to what I will pay at a public university in your home state?

  • Which schools will be likely to give me merit aid?

  • What is EFC (Expected Family Contribution) and how can I find out what mine will be?

  • What documents will I need in order to start filling out the FAFSA form?

  • How do I fill out the FAFSA form?

  • What is the difference between FAFSA and CSS? Do I need to fill out both for all schools I am considering applying to?

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) Used for Need-Based Aid

Create your FSA ID

The CSS Profile (College Scholarship Service Profile). Used for Merit Aid

For more information visit college.u Financial Resources

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