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For seniors finishing up college applications, or students and families just starting to research colleges, staying on top of trends and options can turn into a full-time job. The college search and application experience adds a layer on top of school, extracurriculars, work, and downtime, which may mean reallocating time to strive for a balanced journey. It doesn’t mean it has to include stress. Not surprisingly, a “recent” tweet popped up from James S. Murphy citing a book from 1962 that highlighted how stressful applying to college was at the time, which makes one wonder if that narrative is like an old holiday tradition that keeps coming back without really remembering if anyone needs or likes it. Empowering students by having resources, tools, and a thoughtful approach will lead to a successful experience. But, what else is needed to "know what you don't know”? Are the UCs going to make a move to be test-optional in 2020? Do you need the essay portion of the ACT or SAT to apply to college? Which schools consider “Demonstrated Interest,” and which ones are moving away from it? If you want to stay in your home state, which schools will be your "Best Fit"? With an eye towards 2020, you can be certain change is in the air, whether it's in the hope of sweeping resolutions or small increments. Every student begins their college experience when they're ready. The magic in the formula of a successful college search experience is ensuring you have the help, resources, and tools that will support your individual needs, strengths, and interests.




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