Switching College Tours into Virtual Mode

Just like most high school students and most everyone else, my plans for this spring changed. Plans change - I get that.  But what initially seemed like a huge obstacle to doing more college search homework is instead morphing into an opportunity to "virtually visit" more colleges that I could have visited in person.  One interesting change is the speed at which colleges are shifting information sessions and tours into the virtual world.  Once schools figure out how they want to present and connect with students, virtual tours may become standard operating procedures, an example of necessity being the mother of invention.

If you were planning on visiting colleges this spring and summer, your plans have most likely changed, but visiting doesn't have to come to a full-stop.  Plan B is signing up for the virtual tours that make sense for your college search. The University of Michigan may not be a college on your radar, but as an alumnus, I thought I would check out what Virtual Resources they offered and I was happy to find links for Information Sessions, Take a Virtual Tour, Watch YouTube Victors, and Find Your Counselor. Of course, I will be checking back for any updates, and you should do that as well for colleges you are exploring.

Visit the Admissions page on each college's website to find their virtual resources as a first step. Many colleges already have in place virtual information sessions, tours and ways to connect with admission reps and students. Don't just look, SIGN UP! If you want to get an even better sense of a school, check out their social media feeds and YouTube channel. 

What else can you do right now?

  • Stay the course by doing your best in school. Get enough sleep, food, exercise, and fun -which might involve getting creative

  • If your summer plans seem a little up in the air, start investigating what other options are available, so you have a Plan A, B, or C.

  • If cabin fever has taken hold, and you are ready to turn this historical moment into something different, this might be the perfect time to explore and discover new activities or return to a favorite hobby that had been put on hold.

  • Think about what you want your return to school or next year to look like. Is it time to step up at school?

Visit the College Resources & Books for College Fairs, Virtual College Tours, and other resources.

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