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There's A Flavor Out There For Everyone

Finding your “best fit” colleges can involve more than just identifying majors, programs, and extracurriculars – sometimes, finding things like your favorite foods (ice cream?) can be part of your college search and may be easier to discover than you think. To help celebrate National Ice Cream Day, here are a few “go-to” college ice cream shops to help you find your favorite comfort food and ways to celebrate.

University of Vermont – Ben & Jerry’s

University of Michigan -Washtenaw Dairy

Penn State University – The Penn State Berkey Creamery

UC Berkeley - Cream

UC Berkeley - Humphry Slocombe

UC Santa Barbara - McConnells

Arizona State - Slickables Ice Cream

Boston College – White Mountain Creamery

NYU - Popbar

Northwestern -Homer’s Homemade Gourmet Ice

University of Texas Dallas - Cow Tipping Creamery

The University of Pennsylvania – Basset’s Ice Cream

Utah State University – Aggie Ice Cream

Yale – Ashley’s Ice Cream Café

UCLA -Salt & Straw

University of Wisconsin - Babcock Hall Dairy Store

Building a college list is all about details and priorities for what a student wants for their college experience. Personalizing the college search includes developing questions to guide the research to discover schools that not only meet a student's requirements but that will be places they will thrive. With over 3,000 schools to choose from, there’s a flavor out there for everyone. It’s all about finding your best fit.

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