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come visit books that guide to see the "top must reads" and what's new

books that guide

For most of us, five areas of spending will consume over 50% of the money we earn during our lifetime, ....The five areas are: Home, car, children, education and retirement". Manisha Thakor, Forbes Magazine

information is power. 

“The better information one has, the more one will be able to control events.”

Sir Francis Bacon

For students and families starting their college journey, it has never been more critical to access information to learn about colleges to discover which schools align with their aspirations.  Investing in the college search is as important as your investment in your child's college education. Looking at rankings or a single source for college admission information may not be enough - even a school's website. We've collected our favorite resources and put them in one place to help you get started. You'll find college.u advice and tips on exploring and touring colleges- virtually and in-person, books that provide context and sometimes an inside peek of the admissions' world, links to sites like FAFSA and Scorecard to help clarify financial aid, and search tools to help you start a college list. If you're a DIY student or family, having the right tools is a good beginning. Start here with the college.u college resources & book page and then take advantage of the other free resources: 


Financial Information

Parent Resources 

Testing Information

Helping students find their best-fit colleges, whether working together privately or providing free resources, continues to be essential to the college.u approach. The world of college admission evolves with each application cycle- look for updates. Come for the tips, stay for the resources.


putting the pieces together - learn from admission experts

College Uncovered - NPR podcast

Georgia Tech Admission Blog

Notes from Peabody UVA Blog

find your major

Whether you know precisely which majors you want for college or are hoping to explore majors, this Tableau Tool created by Jon Boeckenstedt will help you find majors by school that fit your goals. click image to search.

college visit tips & articles
college visit not possible? become a virtual sleuth 

Detective, researcher, and explorer are some of the hats you may wear during your college journey. Not every student can have an in-person college tour. Taking advantage of virtual information sessions, Ambassador Chats, and college fairs in the comfort of your home can expand your knowledge of colleges familiar and soon to be discovered.

virtual college fairs & tours

Visiting colleges is not always possible. Using online tools and virtual tours that can be found on many college websites will help your college detective work continue without delay. 

Strive Virtual College Exploration Week
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