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soup to nuts

Flipping the question from "Will I get in?" to "Which colleges will support my goals?" is essential to a successful college journey. College.u supports your college journey that honors your aspirations. Through reflective and intentional designed steps college.u helps you refine your college path aligned with your interests, strengths, and goals to expand and find schools where you will succeed and thrive. 

identify your interests
The college search process is a two-way street. Identifying your priorities for academic majors and environment, social and cultural qualities, athletics, and school location is part of determining which schools will align with your needs and goals. College.u incorporates multiple ways to help students define what is important to them.


educate and support
Each student brings their unique personality and circumstances to their college search.  My work helps to support your needs and to dispel myths about the college search process. College.u  helps you fine-tune what you need and want in your college experience to support your interests and aspirations.
write your best essays

Every student has their own story to tell.  Providing individual support to help students write well-crafted essays in their authentic voice is an essential aspect of the college application and central to how college.u helps students reveal their best self.

Students need to have the right tools in hand to navigate their college search, stay organized and be empowered to manage their college search successfully. In addition to one-on-one meetings college.u provides resources and tools that help clarify and prioritize key criteria aimed for an efficient college search and application process.


To schedule a consultation or learn more about specific packages and services

fill out the college.u contact form, 

send me an email or call 510-502-5417

timeline and balance
Each student and family has unique circumstances that shape how early they can or want to begin their college search process. Working together, we develop a timeline and strategy that will work best for you, balancing your goals and existing commitments.
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