College.u offers services designed with the flexibility to meet students' needs and to facilitate success.  College.u provides individualized support to keep students on track throughout the college application process so that students can maximize their college search experience. 


Students and families can select one of the comprehensive packages that reflect best the level of support they need or choose a *stand-alone service at the hourly rate.


Why the Soup to Nuts Package?

Not all students and families have time to manage all the information and nuances of the college search and application process. Identifying colleges that will be a strong match for a balanced college list is just one piece of the process. 


The Soup to Nuts Package not only includes reviews of transcripts and test scores, but also provides assessments, tools and resources, on-going discussions to build a balanced college list, strategic and informed applications, craft and refine essays that reflect the strengths of the student and provides ongoing support throughout the entire process.


The Soup to Nuts Package is geared for the student who wants:

  • individual attention and support

  • individualized meeting schedule

  • to apply to more than a handful of schools

  • to jump-start their applications and essays


   The Soup to Nuts Package offers:

  • Course and outside activity selections - Plan ahead for high school to support your interests.*

  • Testing information and recommendations 

  • College search and matching*

  • Timeline development

  • College list development *

  • Career and self-assessments *

  • Application development, support and strategy

  • Interview tips and preparation

  • Essays - Personal Statement, supplemental essays, UC Personal Insight Questions, and additional statements as needed includes: Brainstorming, development, support and review*

  • Application review

  • Assistance in college decisions*

  • College lift-off*


The Soup to Nuts Package provides:

  • Flexible meeting schedules

  • Unlimited application and essay reviews

  • Application deadline strategies

  • College.u specific tools and resources

  • Ongoing communications via email, phone or text. Students and parents can contact me with questions and issues as they arise throughout the entire process.

  • Financial aid information and referrals as needed



    *Stand-alone services offered at the hourly rate.


Sliding scale/pro bono - with demonstrated need and space availability. 





To schedule a consultation or learn more about specific packages and services you can send me an email

 fill out the college.u contact form

or call 510-502-5417

Packages and Service Rate Options 


  • Introductory Consultation 


  • Soup to Nuts Package - for  Juniors *


  • Soup to Nuts Package - for  Sophomores *

  • Soup to Nuts Package - for  Freshman *


  • Senior Package (dependent on space availability)*

  • Transfer Package (dependent on space availability)*

  • Early Consultation and Planning for 8th and 9th grade 


  • Consultations and *Stand-Alone Services at Hourly Rate (two-hour minimum)


  •  Parent and/or Student Presentations


  • Workshops

*Individual tailored support and guidance through regularly scheduled one-on-one meetings -face to face, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, email, phone, text.

T.N. -Student-

Dane was an amazing counselor to have going through the college transfer process! I knew that I could count on her for thorough and expert responses to every one of the hundreds of questions that I came across in the transfer application process. Keep reading...

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