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With more than 1000 colleges and universities now test-optional, it is still essential to assess the pros and cons of taking a standardized test, which one/s (if appropriate), and the actual value-added.


Even though GPA and high school courses correlate more significantly with first-year success in college, some of the advantages of taking either the SAT or ACT tests would be to provide:

~Additional data points for demonstrating college readiness

~Strengths in a particular subject area or academic capabilities

~Help with financial scholarships. 


Not every student tests well, has had the benefit of a curriculum that supports college readiness, can afford the time to prepare for further assessments, or is interested in a college/university that requires any test scores. Together I will consider these key factors when working with each student.  We want to figure out the support needed and path to take in the application process that highlights each student's strengths and will benefit them as they make this important journey. 

test prep - get ready! 

Whether you work on your own or need more support test prep has been shown to improve scores. Ensuring you have enough time and practice will help you meet your goals. 
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You Are More Than a Standardized Test

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