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Not all college admissions news involves a scandal. Knowing about shifts in admissions data, philosophy, and innovations can provide context and information to make navigating the road to college a little easier. 

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Traversing the Unknowns 

If the college admissions world was not already hard enough to decipher, the pandemic has been a game-changer in further complicating that world.  There is still so much within your control. Incorporating resources and experts...


Investing in You

While it’s easy to get sucked into the latest news on testing or admission rates, investing in "you" remains the core tenet when applying to college. You are the one true thing that drives your college journey...


Finding Your People

College vibe, culture, and community are often on the top of the list of priorities once academics and majors have been identified when researching colleges. Where are the first places to look for clues to discover what a college culture is like?


Waves of College Decisions: How To Ride Them Out

It’s acceptance time. Outside of rolling admissions, college decisions are beginning to come in waves and will continue until the end of March/early April. There is a good chance...   

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Life Interruptus and Planning for the Future

...developing reasonable expectations about what a college means when they switch to test-optional and who that applies to, or what an admit rate is and how that applies to individual students, (e.g. athletes, legacies, first-gen, tuba players, or state-resident) will be...

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