March Comes In Like A Lion

For those seniors who are starting to hear from colleges, it is time to shift into the "decision phase" and focus on doing a deeper dive into your accepted schools. Attending Admitted Student Day (either on campus or at a locally hosted event), and re-examining why a school was on your college list will help your decision-making process. Determining which school to attend should be about choosing the "best school for you." With acceptance notifications, you should now have a clearer idea of the cost to attend (tuition, room & board, books & supplies, transportation, and miscellaneous student fees and costs). This also should include consideration of any potential merit, need, or other financial aid to help determine the financial “fit.” Take a moment to celebrate your hard work, perseverance, and success. The unique qualities that led to your college acceptance come with you to any school you choose. You determine your success. As you get closer to the end of your senior year you may feel like your college journey is shifting into the past. But your journey is just beginning and full of possibilities. Congratulations on carving out the path that is right for you- you're going to college!

COLLEGE BOUND… BUT WHERE? Georgia Tech’s Vice Provost for Enrollment Services, Dr. Paul Kohn

Second Semester Senior – Don’t Catch Senioritis

Anchoring Optimism in this College Admissions Season

The Right Way to Choose a College Dr. Denise Pope, Co-Founder of Challenge Success, Lecturer at Stanford University Graduate School of Education

One of the most comprehensive books to guide you on what's to come as you launch your senior.

Letting Go, A Parent's Guide to Understanding the College Years, Karen Levin Coburn & Madge Lawrence Treeger

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