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If you're a senior, you are now officially in the waiting-for-decisions period and starting the homestretch of senior year. While you may feel ready to take your foot off the gas, you should find a good cruising speed and prepare to shift into the "decision phase," to focus on doing a deep dive into your accepted schools. Determining which school to attend should be about choosing the "best school for you." These seven tips will help you navigate this next phase:

  1. Continue to do well in classes and avoid lower grades that could impact your acceptances or scholarships.

  2. Take the time to write Thank You letters to teachers, counselors, and any other people that wrote a recommendation letter on your behalf. The people who have championed you in high school will be rooting for you long after graduation, and you never know if you may want to ask them again to write another letter for an internship, job, or serve as a personal reference.

  3. Keep doing the things that make you happy!!!

  4. If you have multiple acceptances - start to weigh out the pros and cons to help you determine which schools are your strongest fits. Make sure to include the cost to attend (tuition, books, room/board, student fees, and transportation), academic program, will AP credits be accepted, the distance between school and home, and anything else that is important for your successful leap to college.

  5. Attend Admitted Student Days (either on campus or at a locally hosted event) and re-examine why a school was on your college list. Meeting other students and hearing from Admission representatives can help you learn more about each school and clarify your priorities.

  6. If you have already decided on which school to attend, send in a Housing Deposit to start the process of securing Housing early. Send in your deposit and SIR (Statement of Intent to Register) to the school you plan to attend next fall and tell all schools that have offered you acceptances that you will be not attending.

  7. By now, many Early Action notifications, schools with rolling decisions, and some CSUs have released their admission notifications. Remember to stay on top of your email and portals in case one of your schools needs something from you like, mid-term grades or test scores. The majority of admission decisions will come out in March. So while you are in "waiting mode," here are a few more tips from Tufts admissions' blog, called "While You're Waiting," to help keep you focused, be present, and enjoy senior year with only the slightest hints of senioritis!

One statement I often hear from second-semester seniors is, "phew, I can finally relax." Enjoying senior year as you get ready to graduate is part of your journey to college. Knowing expectations from colleges you've been admitted into is also part of your journey to college and will help you continue to strike the right balance between academics, extracurricular activities, and downtime. This blog post, "How to stay admitted," from Jeff Schiffman, former Director of Admission at Tulane, will help clarify what colleges expect.

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